When Bob opened his first store he listened to everyone’s stories of why they needed to borrow money, and it really struck a chord with him. From the hundreds of stories he has heard throughout the years, he created one simple philosophy, “Bad things happen to good people.”  He believe this still rings true today, so much that it’s in the employees training manuals and even posted at every store location. The philosophy is ingrained so much, that it became the catalyst for the company name. “Every one of our customers has their own story. We know things come up, that’s why we got into this business in the first place. It’s the reason why we like to be flexible with our products and payment options. It’s how we became Flexible Finance.”



Bob wanted to be more than just another finance company, so he took his success and put it to good use. Under his leadership the company has generously contributed to its communities where their clients and employees live and work. The companies Make-A-Wish Foundation efforts were initiated under his supervision along with over 25 non-profit organizations that benefit from the company. Due to Bob’s unequivocal stance on the importance of financial education, Flexible Finance is also committed to teaching disadvantaged adults and children how to properly manage their money through programs held at local communities.