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Loan Overview


How do I apply for a loan?

Apply In Store

You can visit us at any of our Store Locations to fill out an application. If you are approved for a loan, you'll get your loan proceeds right there on the spot.

What do I need to apply for a loan at a store?

After you have completed a loan application at the store, you will need to bring the following items.


For a Payday or Installment Loans

  • Drivers license or state-issued ID

  • Proof of employment or other income

  • You must be a United States citizen that is at least 18 years of age

  • Open and active checking account (Louisiana and Wisconsin allow savings account)

For a Title Loan

  • Drivers license or state-issued ID

  • Proof of employment or other income

  • United States citizen at least 18 years of age

  • Open and active checking account (LA allows savings account)

  • Your vehicle

  • Your lien-free title

  • Proof of insurance and registration

  • Most recent pay-stub

  • A utility bill with matching address will be needed if your drivers license does not match the address on your title.

In rare circumstances you may be asked to bring in additional documentation. Members of the military and those who have recently filed for bankruptcy are not eligible for a loan with us.

Does it matter if I have bad credit or no credit?

For a cash advance, it does not matter if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Our loans are designed to help people in need of emergency credit, so we understand that you may have had credit troubles in the past.

Why are there several different business names on this website? 

We own and operate in several states and under several different business names. We utilize this site, as a place to display all of our store locations, rates, products, etc. Below you will see the state and the list of different business names that we own and operate in.



California Cash Advance, Pacific Cash Advance, L.L.C., and L.A. Cash Advance.



Advance Loans and St. Louis Loan.



Flexible Finance, Alexandria Cash Advance, Carrollton Loans, Crown Loan, Delta Payday, Eastbank Cash Advance, Gulf Payday, Louisiana Cash Advance, Marrero Cash Advance, Monroe Cash Advance, Read Cash Advance, Ready Cash Advance, Shreveport Cash Advance, Southern Payday, Tulane Cash Advance, Tulane Loans, and Westbank Cash Advance.



Flexible Finance

How do I contact you?


The fastest and easiest way to get in contact with us is to contact a store directly. Please look on our LOCATIONS map and select the state in which you reside. From there, please click on the store in which you are interested in applying at. A local Customer Service Representative would be happy to help with any questions you may have either regarding your current account with us or any questions you may have about opening one up. 


You can also write to us at:

Customer Service

PO Box 725

Fenton, MO 63026


Lastly, you can call our toll free Customer Compliment and Complaint line at 1-877-386-0561. 


Please leave your name, phone number and location in which you business with us and someone will return your phone call, usually within one business day. 

Do I need collateral to apply for a loan?

No collateral is necessary or accepted for our cash advance or installment loan product. Collateral is needed for our title loans and it must be a free and clear title.

Loan Information

What's the difference between a cash advance (payday loans), installment loan, and title loan?

Payday Loan - Loan amounts typically range from $50- $500 and vary depending upon which state you reside in. They are short-term loans that are due on the borrower’s next paycheck. Loans are unsecured and do not require a credit check.

Installment Loans - Typical installment loans carry a higher loan amount, ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars. Principal, interest and other finance charges are repaid in equal fixed installment payments over a specified period of time. These loans generally require a credit check.

Title Loans - These are very similar to installment loans, but they are secured by using the borrower‘s vehicle title as collateral. Borrowers who get title loans must allow a lender to place a lien on their car title. When the loan is repaid, the lien is released and the car title is returned back to the owner. Title loans would typically be used when a person doesn't qualify for an installment loan or needs to borrow more money that is typically offered in our installment loans. Title loans have fixed payments but are usually 12-24 months. Title loans do not require a credit check.

Note: The products and dollar amounts mentioned above vary by state. Please visit our Locations page to see what products and dollar amounts are available in your state.


Is there any cost to apply for the loan?

No. You will not be charged to apply for the loan, whether or not you are approved. Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee, you won't be charged any fees if you change your mind about the loan within 24 hours.

When will I receive my loan?

If you are approved for a loan inside a store, you will receive your loan proceeds immediately.

Payment Information

When do I have to repay my loan?

Your loan payment date will be clearly disclosed in your loan documents. Time frames also vary greatly depending upon if you have a payday loan or an installment loan.


Payday loans are paid back based upon your pay frequency. Payday loans typically have a 14 day term, however, you may repay your loan anytime prior to your due date.


Installment loans are repaid in equal amounts of payments during an agreed upon time period you wish to take out the loan, which is typically 6-12 months long for most customers. Payments are setup as a one time, monthly payment, that falls on one of your pay dates.

How do I repay my loan?

For customers who have a loan at one of our brick and mortar locations, you may pay via ACH, cashiers check, cash, money order or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only).

If I pay my loan early, how does that affect my finance charges?

Certain states allow for a rebate in interest if you pay your loan off prior to its maturity date. Please contact one of our locations for more details.

What happens if I fail to make a timely payment on my loan or credit services transaction?

Failure to make a timely payment on your loan or credit services transaction can have several consequences, including the following:


Financial Implications - You may be assessed a late fee if you fail to make your payment by a specified period following its due date and you may be assessed with a returned item charge if any check or electronic payment we submit on your behalf is returned unpaid. Late fee and returned item fees vary by state – see your transaction agreements for additional details.

Impact on Your Credit Score - Our Installment and Title Loan payment activity are reported directly to Transunion Credit Bureau. Likewise, we also use alternative credit reporting agencies, such as the PRBC. Failure to make timely payments on your loan may reduce your score with such agencies, and prevent you from receiving credit or other services from a provider that uses such agencies.

Renewal of your Loan - In states where loan renewals are allowed, payday loan renewals require a reduction of the loan principal to be paid in addition to the finance charge. If borrowing online, you may obtain a refinance or renewal of your loan or credit services transaction by logging in to your account prior to your due date and applying for a renewal or refinance. In connection with any renewal or refinance, you will be required to e-sign new transaction agreements for such renewed or refinanced transaction and our standard rates for loans or credit services transactions will be assessed on such renewal or refinance (varies by state – see posted fee schedules).

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